Prompt:  Write a 300-word mini story using these words – paper clips, principal, lunchbox, swing, and girl with a pink ribbon.

Tommy had liked the girl with the pink ribbon since first grade.  Emily was her name and she had a Princess Barbie lunchbox.  But like most fourth-graders, Tommy never talked to a girl, so he was relegated to daydreaming instead.  When the principal’s secretary came to take Emily to the office, Tommy wondered what kind of trouble Emily had gotten herself into.   His imagination sprang into action!

Tommy took all of the paperclips from his desk and started fashioning a chain rope out of them.  It was amazing how many paperclips he had stashed in there.  When he thought it was long enough, he anchored his lunchbox to the chain and when the teacher wasn’t looking, threw his lunchbox out the open window.  Then, he climbed out the window and down the chain far enough to start to swing it back and forth.  When it swung to the window of the principal’s office, he caught the ledge and pulled himself up.  He burst through the open window and rescused the girl with the pink ribbon from the fate of the principal.

The opening door of the classroom broke his revelry when the girl with the pink ribbon returned, carrying her Princess Barbie lunchbox.  She had simply forgotten her lunch and her mother brought it to the office.  How could he have not noticed the lack of pink when she came in to school that morning.  After all, she was the girl with the pink ribbon.