Prompt:  write a mini story (100-250 words) that begins with “they had nothing to say to each other.”

They had nothing to say to each other.  Why either had agreed to meet was a mystery.  However, each had their secretary set up the meeting, so they didn’t have to talk to each other.  Both showed up at the pub, on time, sat in a booth with arms crossed and waited for the other to speak.  A server brought water and asked if they wanted a drink.  Neither spoke.  The server sighed and walked away.  Moments ticked away into minutes and finally an hour passed without utterance.  Finally, one spoke and said “I thought you wanted to talk.”  The other responded, “Well, I thought YOU wanted to talk.”  Another uncomfortable silence again stretched into an hour.  Each allowed three hours of their day to pass, simply sipping water and staring at the other.  Yet, they had nothing to say to each other.