Recap from last night’s episode:

Herschel offers Jim a job and warns him to get out of Scranton before it’s too late.  Jim ponders the offer, but hates to leave Dunder-Mifflin because of the memories it holds for him and Pam.  Herschel gives Jim a note with a slip number for a boat leaving Scranton.  As usual, Jim takes too long to consider this and when he finally decides to take his family to safety, the city is crawling with walkers.  He and Pam take their kids and head to the marina only to find an empty slip — Herschel has already left.  Jim turns back to look at the city in ruins behind them, sees the pleading in Pam’s eyes and turns back to the water…could he put his family at peace in the icy waters?  Then, he sees a small boat approaching…Herschel at the bow.  “I thought you might change your mind,” he says.  Jim loads his family onto the small boat and takes one last look back at Scranton as they leave for safe, maybe, but definitely uncertain future.

This dream sequence is brought to you by last night’s dinner – chicken primavera made with Philadelphia Italian Cheese and Herb cooking creme.

I tend to dream a lot about zombies…